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What Happened To Perfect

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on March 29, 2016 - 4:38pm

I can see it in your eyes as I'm stumbling home
You're living with a man that you no longer know
You forgot to smile as I passed you by

Now we're sitting down for dinner we got nothing to say
It's like I'm watching you slowly slipping away
From me, from me

Remember when I used to make you laugh
And every joke was better than the last
Tell me how to bring you back to this
Maybe I just need to reminisce and work it out

What happened to perfect
What happened to us
We used to be worth it
We never gave up

It wasn't on purpose
But hurts like it was
Nobody deserves this
What happened to perfect

If you left me, baby, where would you go
I can't imagine you ever being alone
I'm a jealous man, but I'll try to understand

So many things to say I don't know where to start
I can't pick up the pieces of a crumbling heart
So true, so true

What’s under the surface, it used to be love
Would you call if you heard this, would you know it was us
It wasn't on purpose, but hurts like it was
Nobody deserves this
What happened to perfect
Nobody deserves this

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Lukas Graham
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