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Strip No More

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on March 29, 2016 - 4:39pm

I met this girl I think she likes me. I must admit I like her too
she said she’d be working tonight, I said cool I’ll drop by
she looked at me smiled and said, that’s great baby
when I showed up I was confused

I said hey, where’s that girl I talked to yesterday
Now I said hey, where is Destiny, is that her name?
I can´t believe she would leave, without me, Destiny

How come you don’t strip no more

I met your friends I think they like me, but they don’t do it like you doo
they told me you were graduated why didn’t you say it, that’s so cool
I’m just so proud you made it through

I was at table three, BYOB, Destiny sat next to me
Asked if I liked her dance, I told her I’m your biggest fan
then she took me by the hand and, turned this boy into a man
inside a private room I hope you understand

I was like wohoo. She made me go wehee
Now I’m not mad that you don’t want me
I’m just stuck here wondering, I wanna know

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Lukas Graham
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