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on March 29, 2016 - 4:39pm

When it's my time
I know you'll tailor a new suit for me
And buy a new tie, so I look this good
Boy you were right
You said, “Only the good ones die young”
Never in my life, did I look this good

Everyone welcome to my funeral
Everyone I know better be wasted
You know I would pour one up
‘Cause the way I lived it was amazing

Hu hu hu
All of my friends are in the room
Hu hu hu
Party for me, I'd party too

You're all on my tab
Bartenders pour out the whiskeys on me
And don't be so sad ‘Cause I lived this good

We're all closer, now it's over
But it doesn't mean it’s closure
I see you and I love you
I'll be watching out above you:Outro

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Lukas Graham
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