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Better Than Yourself (Criminal Mind, Pt. 2)

michelle.bermudez's picture
on March 29, 2016 - 4:36pm

I got the letter back,
Saying I can come and see you
I really don't have time,
But promised that I'd come and see you
You're sitting far away,
But do you know I sometimes need you
I know that you deserve time you got
Of all the people

I know you never bend,
Even in the strongest wind
I really wish to every God
That you were innocent
I'm happy and I'm proud
That I can still call you my friend
I hope you read the letters
And the magazines I've sent

You've got your head up
But I don't have my hopes high
I know that you are a good man
And that's what, brings a tear to my eye

I'm like, oh
I hope you know that you are not alone in that hell
And there ain't, no
No one can change it,
no one can do it better but yourself

I was sixteen
and we used to roll together
You told me back then,
that I was meant for something better
You know in my life
nothing is going to chance but the weather
It seems it been forever,
since we really stuck together

I'm living a crazy life
I wish that you could see it too
See a thousand people sing
my song from me to you
Every time I sing it,
you know I'm bleeding too
Man I accept you as you are
no, I don't need the truth

I got my head up
But I ain't got my hopes high
See I know you're a good man
And it brings a tear to my eye

I'm like, oh…

I reminisce to back then, when it was you and I
Smoking big fat blunts, drive in movie night
They tried to get you down,but you refused to die
They tried to give to angel wings,
but you refused to fly

You'ld rather stay in Hell, and take your time in jail
They’re only punishing a soul you will never sell
We both know that we owe nothing to each other
But can you blame me,
for loving and missing my brother


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Lukas Graham
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