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We are proud to announce our investment in DANSK Beverages ApS. DANSK is Denmark’s first
Hard Seltzer. DANSK is all natural flavors, and 1 can of DANSK only contains 100 calories. This
means that DANSK offers customers a lighter and healthier alternative that contains less sugar and
only natural flavors.

A refreshing sparkling water with a twist of alcohol

DANSK is pretty simple. Popularly known as a Hard Seltzer. It is delicious, refreshing and ready to
drink, also known as an RTD beverage. DANSK introduces their 3 Hard Seltzers: Rosehip & Thyme -
this one works perfectly with seafood and green salads because of its dry crisp taste.
Pear & Orange Blossom is the fruity and refreshing one. It works perfectly on a hot summer day
and is enjoyed best ice cold. Redcurrant & Ginger works for any occasion but fits perfectly in social
settings. The redcurrant makes it sour but still mild, and then it contains a refreshing kick of ginger
as well. All fresh and delicious and ready to drink.
All three sparkling drinks fits perfectly with all sorts of social arrangements. The goal with DANSK is
to bring people together whether it is a party, birthday, festival and so forth. DANSK is here to let
people enjoy a fresh and chilled hard seltzer in social settings. The DANSK products contains 4%
alcohol and therefore the legal drinking age at the country of your origin must be adhered to.

It’s Danish

DANSK Hard Seltzers are produced in Denmark and it is as Danish at it can be - that is why we call
it DANSK which literally mean “Danish”. We take pride in the simplicity and deliciousness we have
combined in a can. The minimalistic mindset and natural flavors as well as low calories, creates the
perfect Hard seltzer.
You can find our hard seltzers all over Denmark, at Zealand, Funen and Jutland. Spice up your next
social gathering with DANSK and buy some at your nearest MENY, Irma, 7-Eleven, Q8 gas station,
INCO and many other locations.
There are many advantages with DANSK e.g. the low sugar content, and natural delicious flavors
that still contains 4% alcohol and still only has 100 calories pr. drink. Yes, it’s true. If you’re not
convinced yet, it’s because you haven’t tried it.

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